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A holistic approach to creating a healthy and balanced life and lifestyle from the inside out.

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Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.





  • Spa Packages  —  Starting at $85
  • Facial  — $25
  • Pedicure  — $35
  • Manicure  — $35
  • Full Body Massage  — $60
  • Couples Massage  —  Starting at $120


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Happy & Healthy Clients

Aurea Lara has been my health coach for over two years. She knew she was dealing with a post menopausal woman with a life of weight issues and a chronic health problem. The changes over the past two years have been fairly dramatic. I no longer need the medication for the chronic health problem because it has completely healed! AND, I’m consistently losing weight (and keeping it off) for the first time in over ten years.

Jane Dashow – Actor/Voice-Over

“Aurea is a very knowledgeable and supportive health coach. She helped me overcome my sugar cravings by recommending satisfying alternatives and also through her constant encouragement. She is a great resource for learning about new health foods, demystifying any health fads, and figuring out which foods are best for your own body. Through our conversations and her blog posts, I have learned an incredible amount about nourishing my body properly, and in taking all her advice, the results have been truly amazing for me, both physically and mentally. Over the course of 7 months, I have lost almost 15 pounds, my acne has cleared up significantly, and my self-confidence continues to grow. This gradual progress has allowed me to simply enjoy my life while losing some weight, rather than making the process a chore. It is Aurea’s dedication to helping me not only better my physical health, but also my self-esteem, that has helped me and makes me want to continue with this new healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Aurea!”

Veronica G.

“Aurea has been a life-saver! I cannot sing her praises more! She is supportive and committed to helping me achieve my goals. I lost 35 pounds working with her over the course of 3 months. It was amazing! The program she created was specifically designed to help my body shed the excess weight (relatively) easily. I learned how to de-mystify my food cravings and am now able to understand what my body is really asking for! All it really took was her guidance and support, the rest was just eating REAL food. I actually learned how to tell the difference between what is truly healthy and good for my body and what is only labeled ‘healthy’. I feel so much better in my skin! I LOVE myself in a whole new way. I have more energy. My skin looks amazing!!! And it all started with one conversation!! Thank you so much, Aurea!”

Marie F.

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