Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Reiki Healing

Intuitive Coaching

Akashic Records Readings

  • The Akashic Records can be described as a cosmic ‘library’ of our soul’s various lifetimes. By accessing them we can gain greater clarity and insight on any questions or challenges one may be encountering.
  • If you feel stuck and need clarity on relationships, career, finances then allow yourself to receive guidance from the Akashic Records and Source Energy that is impactful and empowering
  • These sessions are designed to hold a Sacred Space for you to receive guidance from Source Energy that will guide on your life’s journey.
  • Prior to our session your energetic field will be cleared of attachments, hooks and cords that are draining your life’s energy.
  • Use these sessions to receive healing, inspiration, empowerment and even gain insight on past lifetimes and their relevance to this life.

Akashic Reiki Healing

  • Prior to our session your energetic field will be cleared of attachments, hooks and cords that are draining your life’s energy, thereby enhancing the flow of the Reiki Holy Fire energy
  • Experience deep relaxation & ease stress & tension in the body
  • Accelerate your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Clear your mind & improve your ability to focus
  • Relieve pain in the body
  • Dissolve energetic imbalances in the body’s power centers
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and emotional healing
  • Improve the quality of your sleep

Shamanic Healing

A Shaman is one who is a bridge between the Universal energies of the Divine and our world. Being a bridge between the worlds enables the Shaman to cleanse and clear dense energies while rebalancing a person’s energetic centers (also known as chakras). Through the use of ritual, sound, herbs and essential oils, and crystals a Shaman offers intuitive guidance, wisdom, healing & support and empower not only the individual’s physical & emotional healing but can aid in their spiritual growth and development.

Aurea received her medicine name, Rainbow Water Pourer, during a Sweat Lodge Ceremony in Southern California. It was at this Ceremony where for the 3rd time Spirit told her she’s a Shaman and that she had lived many lifetimes as a healer and shaman.

During these sessions, you will be cleared of energetic blockages, attachments, cords and energetic hooks that are keeping you stuck, making you feeling unbalanced and draining your Life Force Energy.

Intuitive Coaching

Life Coaching with a twist! Together – we co-create the life you desire. By utilizing my expertise in numerous healing modalities, I channel intuitive guidance to provide you with sustainable practices to support you in creating a life where you can readily handle any changes and actively manifest your goals.

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